A soothing deep breath you can chew

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100% Organic, Broad-Spectrum

World’s Finest CBD Chewing Gum

Pin gum is a premium cool-mint chewing gum infused with broad-spectrum CBD derived from organic hemp for a soothing sense of calm.

Each piece of gum contains 10mg of CBD and contains no THC.

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Why CBD Gum?

Gum provides a faster, more effective absorption method for delivering CBD than any other oral dosage forms, including pills, oil tinctures, beverages, and gummies. With CBD gum, you get benefits and relief in rapid time, and at a dose that is strong enough to make a real difference, cost-effectively.

Real Talk

“I recently moved cities and, as an introvert, was really struggling with constant small talk. Ok fine, social anxiety, let’s call it what it is. Pin gum eased the stress for me during the transition. It helps me feel relaxed and calm (and just more like myself) in uncomfortable social situations instead of tense and awkward. I love it.”

– Natalia J

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